Marleau announces $6 million in road repair projects

LANSING—State Sen. Jim Marleau announced that $6 million in grants from the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will fund several road repair projects in Oakland County.

The projects include $4 million for repairs to University Drive over I-75, $1 million for work on M-150 from M-59 to Clinton River, $600,000 to fix M-24 from Harriet Street to Davison Lake Road and $400,000 for repairs to M-150 from Tienken Road to Paint Creek.

“This is fantastic news for residents and businesses in the area,” said Marleau, R-Lake Orion. “We all know that our roads throughout the state need work. These grants are just another step in the process of fixing them. I remain committed to finding a permanent solution to maintaining a sound infrastructure.”

The grants are part of MDOT’s Priority Road Investment Program. The total amount allocated for the program is $114,942,610. Marleau said that many of the projects would otherwise not be funded if not for the supplemental amount.

The approximately $115 million for road projects is part of more than $700 million extra general fund dollars allocated to Michigan roads.